In the Kitchen with Gail Smith

Our “In the Kitchen with Gail” series is full. We are planning on doing another series in the future. Details and dates coming soon.

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Join Gail in the kitchen at Almost Home Restaurant and learn some tricks of the trade! Each session is a different theme so pick one…or all…to attend! An apron, recipes, and a good time enjoying your creation is Included in each cooking class.

Wednesday, January 29 • 6:30pm
Knife skills & Kitchen 101
Learn basic knife skills and how to prep your product before you begin the cooking process. you will be given several tips to make cooking fun and easy–all while producing a delicious product! everyone should take this class and learn how to have fun in the kitchen.

Wednesday, February 5 • 6:30pm
want to learn how to make preparing for a party stress free? this class will show you how to make sweet & savory appetizers along with how to prepare and present fresh fruit and vegetable presentations.

Wednesday, February 19 • 6:30pm
Mirepoix: Soups to warm the soul
use your knife skills to prep ingredients for delicious soups including: killer tomato soup, creamy potato, vegetable cheese chowder. also learn how to spice up your chili.

Wednesday, March 11 • 6:30pm
Sauces & saute 101
learn the different types of pasta, which to use for certain recipes, and the correct way to cook to al dente. Try your hand at the art of saute and how to make a delicious sauce